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Marshalls Register


The easy way to a professional installation

After all your inspiration and planning the last thing you want is your dream ruined by inept workmanship. Unless you're a particularly keen DIYer, it's more reassuring to have your new patio, wall or driveway professionally installed.

That's where the Marshalls Register comes in

The Marshalls Register or Approved Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers is a network of highly reputable professional block paving, landscaping and garden patio paving specialists.

A Marshalls Register Installer agrees to abide by Marshalls stringent code of practice and standard of workmanship, so you will be sure they'll do a great job!

Marshalls employ Regional Assessors to monitor the work of Register Installers and their regular site assessment ensures that product quality and standards of workmanship are maintained. This provides customers with confidence and peace of mind as every block paved driveway or patio is finished to the highest specification.

M & A Searles is a Marshalls Register installer and we can offer you the unique Marshalls Guarantee when using Marshalls products. The guarantee protects against unscrupulous operators and protects your investment with a level of cover unmatched by any other company.